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11:22 pm: Back To The Drawing Board
I installed a new version of the Yahoo! companion toolbar today. I noticed that the license includes a section advising against the use of the toolbar on certain systems. It specifically mentions any computer controlling a nuclear reactor.

I can write the code to run the CHULAC mark 2 portable nuclear fission reactor from scratch. I'm sure that I can work in all the features I need. But I cannot figure out a way to work in smileys. Sure a self-contained nuclear reactor that fits in a filigreed brass sphere the size of a basketball and weighs less than five pounds is quite an accomplishment. But, without smileys it seems hollow. I just might have to violate the terms of end user license agreement and install the software.

In other news, my work on the grand unified theory has come to a crashing, thundering halt. I was doing some work with the square root of negative one when things went very wrong. The equations and operators rearranged themselves. Terror and a vague bewilderment overcame me. I don't know what happened or what it means. I've had a headache since then. I feel a sense of loss, perhaps it's because three of my erasers are missing. Perhaps it isn't.

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