In A State Of Fluxx

I first played Fluxx years ago.

Then, I bought my family a set of Family Fluxx.

They liked it. So, I bought the Jewish Fluxx expansion cards. I later found out that while some of these work with Family Fluxx, they were meant for Basic Fluxx.

Today, Mom surprised me with Basic Fluxx and Cthulhu Fluxx.

I love my Mom.

I Want To Know You

Fewer people are reading my journal these days. But, those who remain are closer friends. I ask you to share something with me. It doesn't have to be profound.- tell me what your favorite movie is and why, tell me your life's happiest moment, tell me something that will bring us even closer. I'll start-

My favorite movie is Nightbreed. It's the tale of a mentally ill misfit who finally finds the place where he belongs. That place is Midian, a necropolis filled with the monsters of legend. It's a fairy tale for adults.

Now I Have A Videophone Ho Ho Ho!

Due to circumstances that need not concern you, I now own a videophone.

It is a Mitsubishi Luma. A little digging shows it originally sold for over a thousand dollars. It was state of the art for nineteen eighty six. I shall be doing more testing tomorrow. Preliminary tests show that the phone part works. I shall install it in the kitchen and use it as my primary phone.

Here is a picture of some one else's Luma

Funny Story True Story

Well not so funny, but true.

A contestant in the Miss Universe pageant has been disqualified. The judges discovered she was born with a penis, testes (and presumably XY chromosomes). I find it interesting that with all the plastic surgery the contestants have, a vaginoplasty is a cut too far.

I found out about the story on Yahoo!'s welcome page. The comments were wonderful- if you enjoy close-minded prejudice and people being called it.

Saw An Old Friend

I was invited to the birthday party of a friend I had not seen in years. The instant I saw him, I noticed a change.

His weight was the same.

His haircut was different, but that wasn't it.

It was something I couldn't say to his face.

TuxedoRamen, if you are reading this, you have the Innsmouth Look.

There is no mistakening the coarsening of the complexion, the folds on the neck, the unblinking eyes.

We knoe your pure Irish on your mother's side. But I'm positive there's some Deep One in dad's side of the family.

Hmm, That;s Interesting

I tried using IE to load LJ and it worked great. So the problem is definitely Firefox and probably on my end.

In other news, I now have television again.

I am watching the Simpsons as we speak. Woo Hoo!

Timelost And Time Lost

I was on the el this week when a homeless woman loudly asked the time of everybody in the car. I went to retrieve my phone and tell her. We made eye contact. She started.

“I don’ want to talk to you. You’re one of the timelost.”

“I’m what?”

“Shut up! You don’t belong now!”

She made a complex gesture (during which I could swear her hand moved through a fourth spatial axis) and backed away.

I kept trying to get an explanation. She kept backing away.

She ran off the train at Margaret Orthodox.

In other news

It took me about thirty minutes to get LJ to come up. I am still not sure just what the trouble is.

Wake And Stretch

I awoke to find monsters in my pocket. Luckily, they were friendly. During my astral travels, I downloaded much abandonware.

In bad news, one of my mother's lungs is not functioning properly. It's apparently beyond the scope of medical science to fix the problem. She may have twenty years left. She may die tomorrow.

But, how's by you?

No I Lay Me Down To Sleep . . .

I almost forgot to write this. Other preparations for my month-long nap are all but complete. A squadron of bats (both astral and physical) are trained and ready. Concentric circles of light emitting diodes and runes in obscure languages surround my bed. I am wearing comfy jammies.

So, happy holidays and good night to you my friends.


Every Thanksgiving, I read the turkey story from Jonathan Winters book, Winters Tales. This year, I couldn't find the book. I looked on my bookshelves. I unloaded the living room closet and looked in all the boxes. I still can't find it.

Instead, I selected my bonsai potato manual as reading material and set out for the Chinese Buffet.

The buffet was closed.

I went across the street to the Chinese take out place.

They were closed.

Feeling sad and empty, I went to the visibly open Dunkin Donuts. I bought a large mocha coolata and considered my options. The Indian restaurant across the way seemed to be open. But it could just be the owner's family having a meal.

They proved to be open. I got a very large portion of vegetable biryani (enough for three meals) for about eight dollars. They did not have chalwa.

My living room is filled with boxes that I really should put away. I still can't find my book.

In other news, I went to the grove of the leshovica looking for advice. None of the trees spoke to me. I am reasonably sure she is not mad at me, or ignoring me. But one can't help but feel a little neglected.